Greenhaven: Sustainable, Innovative and Economically Thriving


The name Greenhaven represents our mission statement. 

In all of nature, the color GREEN is associated with sustainable life.  Life that is creative, productive, inspiring and present in abundance.  We chose HAVEN because it suggests a place where all life (human life in particular) is VALUED, SAFE AND PROTECTED.  The city of GREENHAVEN shall be a place where human creativity, accountability, productivity, economic development and responsibility lives.


The Greenhaven movement is a community-based initiative to form an incorporated city in much of the southern area of DeKalb County.  Cityhood is determined by a vote of the people.  This is not the first movement launched for cityhood in DeKalb or in metro Atlanta in recent years.  It is, however, the only cityhood movement that despite meeting all the requirements has been threatened with citizens being denied the right to vote and exercise self-determination.

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